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Awesome job! Super fun! Played it right in my browser with a controller. Easy and fun. Keep up the good work!

Bella demo complimenti ragazzi. The only thing I had a gripe with is the slopes intaractions, don't know maybe the forced sliding can't put my finger on it. Apart looking foward to what comes next !

Ciao Moonkey Lab, grazie per il feedback! Do you mean that maybe slopes shouldn't force the player to slide? Grazie ancora

Di niente! Yes is the forced slide that I meant, maybe it's just me but I like playing around with slopes and momentum. Props anyway as dev I still haven't added slope movement to my games.

I have to say that we use slopes to force some mechanics throughout the game; that's because slopes have that behaviour. But yes, climbing would be a nice alternative! :)

Bellissimo!! gameplay is so smooth, grandi!!🙌

Grazie Claudio!!!

this is filled with juice. It feels smooth just running around and swinging your sword.

couldn't fit to my screen though


Ciao Mehco, thanks! Yes the screen issue has made us struggle quite a bit. Stories about pixel perfect settings :) We are sorry for that

I like the pixel art, and I like the music. I think the combat is very satisfying. However the controls were ruining my experience a lot of the time. Sometimes I would just freeze in midair, and then I would just fall and die. You're using unity for this, so I feel like you might be putting the characters movement in an Update function instead of FixedUpdate. You should always use FixedUpdate for anything movement related. Also, I think you should be able to hold the jump button down to jump higher. Lastly, I don't get why you're putting this on mobile. I think it would probably be better enjoyed on a computer than a mobile device, so maybe you should consider releasing it on Steam or something. Oh yeah also the hidden walls should have cracks or something to signify you can go through them.

Very detailed comment, so thank you kingjaw. I can't check out how movements are dealt right now; once I can get scripts I want to figure out this aspect. Maybe the issues you kindly described are due to actual little cracks among the entire scripts system, which are present as we know. I'll check out which methods are driving the system for sure.

Regarding device choice: we believe that Beggar might be appreciate on mobile devices due to its nature as a game. Who knows? Maybe one day we will play it on other devices!

Thanks so much

The art is so pretty. And the character is rather unique. Nice job!

Yeah that head is recognizable I guess :) Thanks heliosbather!

bel gioco da italiano vi dico gg

Prendiamo e intaschiamo, grazie Lite.008! :)

for art sounds and music you did a really good job! the only thing that i didn't really like are the player controls: they fell clunky, and it seems like there is some kind of delay. by the way good job :)


Ahaha the first part of your comment is strictly about me, thanks AraTheDev! I would have produce way better sound mechanics if only I would have able to use Wwise, especially on music side; but webgl contents don't allow me to use it unfortunately. Anyway is a demo :)

About player controls: yes, we are aware about some mechanics issues, and we will fix them for sure.

Thanks again!

Veramente una figata. Complimenti!!

Graaaazie Unitech! :)

Prego!! Menomale che anche noi Italia abbiamo dei grandi sviluppatori di videogiochi tipo voi!!!


Great demo! The x button doesn't work and it needs more checkpoints, but otherwise it looks great and the animations are well done.

Ehi choufleur, thanks so much! The X button is available on controller, and yes, checkpoints would have been a good idea; at the final stage they will be there of course, thanks again!


It's nice, but x to attack wasn't working. Also, up should let you jump.

Hi DanielLC! You can read the right commands in the description above, thanks

Does that mean x button on a controller? It would be good to make a button on the left side of the keyboard work, since people usually use the arrow keys with their right hand.

And I see that it says to use space to jump, but I find it a lot easier just to use up and there's no reason not to make that work too. In general, pressing a certain direction should make you go in that direction.

We've choosen the most used movements system as WASD+spacebar just to be sure everyone can rely with a system they recognize to. We will take your hint in mind though, thanks again!

Really nice demo!

Thank you Tridon!


Really fun demo, but next time can you also add an .exe? the browser version is kinda slow on my pc.


Beggar Knight is now available for download!


Slight idea, make the mimic the second chest that appears instead of the first.

also checkpointing....

Yep, you are right, checkpoints will be taken into account for sure in the official release, thank you again

Ehi! Good idea about the mimic, thanks!